CIP products from GEA have been designed to not only clean your pipeline and bulk tank, but to reach deep within the smallest spaces of your milking and metering equipment to assure optimal cleanliness.

Work with your local GEA Hygiene Consultant and schedule a wash analysis to find the washing procedures and products that are ideal for your operation.

Alkaline CIP Detergents

Total cleanliness with the Alkaline CIP Detergents of GEA. Effective intensive cleaning and disinfection under each condition!

Acid CIP Detergents

Our Acid CIP Detergents do not only clean and disinfect effectively but will also descale your milking equipment and cooling tanks. Have the right solution for each problem handy!

CIP Disinfection

Always perfect with GEA CIP Disinfection! Our products work for intermediate cluster disinfection of your milking and cooling equipment.

CIP Dispensing & Controls

Washing systems from GEA guarantee perfect cleaning for your milking installations and, thus, effectively prevent the buildup of bacteria.