The iNTELGEN features either individually adjustable front and rear, or standard milking ratios for a clean and even milk-out of the animal.

The operator can adjust the pulsation rate to tailor the milking speed to the animal’s production from the front cover.

Additional features such as pulsation delay (an aid to bring the milking system up to operating vacuum quickly thus saving time and eliminating the vacuum pump from operating un-lubricated) is supplied as standard.

The Controller output has three channels for true cascade operation of the pulsators. This reduces the vacuum demand in the pulsation airline.

Key Features

  • 50/50, 55/45, 60/40, 65/35 & 70/30 ratios available
  • 50-60ppm adjustable in 1 pulse per minute increments
  • 0-120 second pulsation delay time
  • Pre-set wash rate and ratio included to increase the agitation and quality of the wash
  • The on-board hour meter ensures that your maintenance programme is kept up to date
  • Milk / wash pulsation rates
  • Suitable for up to 50 clusters
  • Goat & sheep software available for higher rates and ratios
  • Hour meter