iNTELFLOW is designed to sense the level of milk in the receiving can via a stainless steel float and the milk pump speed is then adjusted accordingly.

As the level rises the pump will ramp up in speed and as the level drops the pump will ramp down in speed.

It can be customized to individual installations by adjusting the ramp up and ramp down settings for the various fluid levels; it can also be configured with different settings for wash and milk. This means it can ramp up and down slowly during the milk cycle and rapidly up and down during the wash.

Key Features

Programmable ramp up & down, and timers
Different settings for wash & milk
More efficient cooling and filtration
Smooth, consistent delivery of milk to the bulk milk tank

Key Benefits

Efficiency of the cooler and filter is increased by providing a more consistent flow of milk.
The iNTELFLOW will also perform a controlled shutdown where it pumps out the remaining milk in the receiver.