iNTELPUMP can be customized to individual installations by adjusting the internal timers and can be configured with different settings for wash and milk.

Additional features such as the ability to pump out the receiving can at the end of milking as it waits for milk to settle in the delivery line. Then, using the milk purge valve, injects filtered compressed air in the milk delivery line to push it out to the bulk milk tank.

Key Features

  • Programmable pump timers, can be customized
  • Different settings for wash & milk
  • Controls the “Milk Purge Valve”
  • Controls the “Milk / Wash” sequence
  • Controlled “Off” sequence
  • “Remote Pump Out” switch capable

Additional Feature

When networked with an iNTELSTART the system can be programmed to switch the plate heat exchanger pump or solenoid valve on and off at the same time as the milk pump during milking, thereby reducing water usage. The iNTELSTART will also turn the water off automatically during the wash cycle, eliminating the risk of accidental cooling of hot wash water.

System Features