Your introduction to automatic feeding: TMR feeding with the Belt Feeder automated feed distributor is efficient, operator-friendly and especially durable thanks to proven technology.

The Belt Feeder feed distributor is the ideal introduction to the concept of automatic feed supply systems. Small, flexible, economical – the combination of conveyor belt and sliding scraper offers many advantages.

The key characteristics of automatic feeding (TMR feeding) using the Belt Feeder at a glance:

  • Automatic feeding via a conveyor belt
  • Affordable introduction to automatic feeding
  • Productive feed management thanks to its space-saving design and easy setup
  • Feeding of different groups of animals possible several times a day

Automatic feeding: the biggest advantages of TMR feeding with the Belt Feeder

The Belt Feeder combines a conveyor belt and sliding scraper. This allows you to distribute smaller amounts of raw feed at shorter intervals to various groups of animals. This automatic feeding process offers consistently high reliability and a reduced daily workload. The decisive advantage of TMR feeding for the cow and your dairy farm is that uniform feeding in the familiar surroundings of the stall allows for a better utilization of resources.

Automatic feeding with the Belt Feeder: Customized feeding

TMR feeding with the Belt Feeder is especially effective. You adjust the length of the belt individually to the size of your stall. The Belt Feeder adapts itself perfectly to your feeding table and the rope-guided carriage for feeding saves space as it is fitted on the ceiling, allowing the feed element, which hangs from a steel rope, to move back and forth. This method of TMR feeding is also particularly inexpensive. Operation can be picked up easily and the individual components are durable and require little maintenance.

The Belt Feeder: the ultimate connecting link in the TMR feeding chain.

Automatic feeding with the Belt Feeder is possible across short or long distances. This makes it an interesting option for cow feeding for any farm, irrespective of its size. The feed – or raw feed components – can be reliably transported between feed bunkers, silos, mixers and the outfeed belt. TMR feeding always takes place with maximum precision.

Automatic feeding: low maintenance and efficient feeding

The top-quality and optimally matched components allow continuous operation. Regardless how often the belt starts or stops, GEA's typical high-quality manufacture reliably brings together the individual elements of your dairy farm. The belt can be selected with either a smooth or a structured surface. The belt is v-shaped and transports the feed to the cow, even over ascending or descending slopes. The length of the belt varies from 12 to 90 meters, the width from 45 to 60 centimeters.